Six Word Memoirs

When I was in high school, my favorite class was AP English Language. In order to help prepare us for writing a personal statement for college admissions, my teacher had us practice through writing “six word memoirs” inspired by The Six Word Memoir Project. The concept is rather simple: Tell a story in six words. At first I thought this was rather ridiculous. Then I realized that I not only enjoyed writing these quick little stories, they were liberating.  Writing a few wasn’t enough, I ended up filling notebooks with them. Here are some of the ones I’ve written over the years- as well as others I think of as time goes on. I’m usually in a distinct mood of frustration when I begin to write them. My frustration translates to inspiration. Then I grab a pen and release…

I tend to think in six words. This is mostly when I’m frustrated.

Life is beautiful, live it fully.

Loving me forever was short-lived.

Trust me, I have trust issues.

Keep it short and sweet, bitch.

Reminiscing achieves nothing, just move on.

Best friends, first love, not anymore.

Adversity brings triumph, triumph brings prosperity.

No hard feelings, but she’s hideous.

Broken promises, broken family, broken hearts.

Lead by example, love my mother.

I can’t remember a happier time.

Just another Mexican-Lebanese culture clash.

Caring less means power, not happiness.

Passion: greatest vice and highest virtue.

Tear down the walls I build.

Passion comes from within- Natural Motivation.

Let’s grow old together- our fairytale.

I work instinctively, it comes naturally.

Writing this healed me, unconventional therapy.

Skeptical at first, love it ridiculously.

Then I knew. It was you.

You were my destination all along.

Accepting differences. Loving Imperfections is perfection.

True Love. Accepting imperfections is perfection.

Only you can piece me together.

You are my missing puzzle piece.

Eating away my feelings feels good.

Feeling sad. Cake. Desert. Immediate satisfaction.

Short-term comfort. Long-term obesity.

Falling asleep to the ocean swish.

Sand. Waves. Ocean. Endless view. Peace.

Dad moves out. I shut down.

Keeping the world at arms length.

Instability brought out my strength within.

In your arms is my forever.

Chasing you naked in my dreams.

Dreamed of chasing you naked— awkward.

Grown closer as we’ve become different.

I hope you see through me.

Tear down the walls I’ve built.

I feel safe looking at you.

The moment I realized—it’s you.

Fully content with everything around me.

Happiness: Feelings of contentment and acceptance.

Not six words, just the three.

Just tell me those three words.

May 18th, 2014 11:00 PM

Nobody even noticed you were gone.

Curly-haired, Africa-lover, Peace-Maker. (I’m lucky she’s my best friend.)

Guess which finger I’m holding up.

I dedicate that to Carol Hunter. ^

I really should write my paper.

“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake.” Frozen (Go watch it, seriously, you must.)

Sometimes I forget I have friends.

When people love me, I’m surprised.

Bitch, you don’t know my life.

All right, that’s enough for now.


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