Quick Thoughts Before Bed

It is 12:31 AM in Madrid. I know it is super late, but I really wanted to write before I officially went to sleep.

I got lost twice today.

I decided to go on a casual jog earlier today. It was 34 degrees outside!!! I accidentally switched off my mapmyrun app that allows me to track where I am running. I figured that by using this I could easily follow the tracking lines back to my apartment. I decided to explore… And I found this beautiful park named Canal Isabel- which is pretty similar to an Arboretum. However, when I left the park, I exited on the wrong corner and went in circles for about 30 minutes. As I was wondering the streets of Madrid, a lady came up to me asking me for directions to some store in very quick and fluent Spanish. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculously good I am at pretending to know what is going on. I had to politely tell the lady, “Lo Siento Senora, perro no hablo epanol mucho. Hoy es mi primer dia en Madrid.” (I honestly don’t even know if that is grammatically correct.) The lady was surprised and said sorry before leaving me… still lost. I eventually found my way home, but I was so cold and confused. I honestly have no idea how I made it back. The street signs are so confusing here. They are not very visible. And there also aren’t a lot of them. To top it off, there are about a million and one of the same small places- like Farmacias and Cortes de Ingles… But I somehow recognized land marks and got back home. To the warmth. Just in time to shower and head to orientation. 

I also took the metro for the first time today. I am a pro at underground transportation. I was a dwarf in another life.

After orientation, I went with my friend Josh and his cousin Chelsea, who has been here already for 4 months, to a nice little restaurant off the metro stop Iglesia, although I don’t remember the name of the restaurant. I didn’t have dinner because they served tortillas at orientation– which are essentially spanish omelettes. I also can’t eat a lot of food here because it is made with pork. Can you say buzzkillingtonnnnn?

On my way home from the restaurant, I had to separate from my group. This is the second time I got lost. I took the metro perfectly fine, but when I exited the metro. I had no idea which direction to go. I roamed the streets at 11:30 for about 15 minutes before seeing my very own promised land through the tall building “Euro building”… I realized I made a right instead of a left, or a left instead of a right?… I am still confused. I know that you go the opposite direction of the place Santender. Lucky for me, I look like an Espanola and everyone leaves me alone.

I am so exhausted. I am also getting a bit sick. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Madrid. I am also so happy I chose to live with a host family although the family dynamics here are interesting (to be explained later). My friend’s residence just made me feel lonely and miserable. It was so empty and there are only a few community bathrooms (kill me!) I am also going to tell my host mom that I would prefer if she didn’t smoke around me. I found out today that they are not supposed to do that anyways. So I don’t feel bad about it anymore. I hate smoking. A mi no me gusta la fumar. No me gusta nada. 

Look at me go! My Spanish is literally improving by the second.

P.S. It is now 12:43 AM.



One thought on “Quick Thoughts Before Bed

  1. Hi Aisha. I know it’s 12 something over but I think it’s really cool ur blogging about this. today we had a half day at school and it was really nice. Don’t worry about getting lost everyone does that in new countries.:)

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