About My Host Family

I totally forgot to explain my host family.

So, here’s the deal.

I am living in an Apartment near the Real Madrid Stadium on Calle de Panama with a single lady in her 50s named Teresa. I was given this info prior to arriving: “Teresa is a lovely Señora in her 50s, who lives with her dog in large apartment. This will be Rachel´s second semester with Teresa so I am sure she can help you find you way around and if you have any question about Teresa and her house, I am sure Rachel will be able to help you.You will share a double room and have internet access. I hope that you are as happy in this home as other students have been in the past…”

This is all true. BUT HERE’S THE SKETCH PART: So Teresa was married to Jose Luis (her ex husband) for 18 years. About 10 years ago they got a divorce. They did not have any children together. I know this because Teresa told me, and made it a point to ensure I understood that he was her “ex-husband”- Entiendes??? I told her I understood. Obviously. She only repeated it about five times… In both Spanish and English. Anywho. So as I came out of the bathroom yesterday morning, I heard a man’s voice. This startled me.

[See, Teresa’s sister, Christina, has a room in Teresa’s house and often sleeps over. Also, Rachel lives here as well. But she is also a female. I didn’t expect to hear a man’s voice so early in the morning.]

Apparently it has become evident that Jose Luis and Teresa are good friends and he comes over often. In fact, yesterday night as I went to Teresa’s room to ask her a question. I didn’t find Teresa. I found Jose Luis casually laying down in the bedroom. Teresa was apparently in the master bedroom. The only reason why this irks me is because Teresa and Jose Luis don’t have any kids together… So I don’t understand why they divorced if they obviously still enjoy each other’s company…

Anyways. After being startled. The man’s voice came closer to me and spoke to me in very fast fluent spanish about “Tu eres Aisha! Mucho gusto. Me llamo Jose Luis…” And then there was beard in my face and I was getting kissed on both cheeks.

That’s the end! I am SO tired. Have I mentioned that?


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