I am so tired.

Hey, how are you?

I decided to ask you how you are since I am going to ramble on about myself for the next hundred words or so.

(Cue your response… Then I pause…)

And, here I go.

I AM SO TIRED. Today I got up at 8:30 to take the metro to Suffolk. Like I said yesterday, I am a metro pro. BUT I am terrible at getting around here because there are NO street signs. Anyways. Taking the metro is a serious work out. I probably took about a million flights of stairs, and I am just so tired. Too tired to run. I know that’s bad. But I haven’t been eating much because I am not the biggest fan of Spanish food- and I am just completely out of energy.

Anyways, so after I got off at the metro stop Guzman El Bueno, I got lost. AGAIN. I went left instead of right. Went in a few circles. Then I phoned a friend, who passed the phone off to some guy. Who told me to stop where I was. He came and rescued me and I finally made it to orientation. My savior’s name (completely secular in this context) is Neil. I am actually going to hang out with him tonight and a few new friends I made.

OH YEAH! I made friends!

After orientation, I went with Josh, Rose and Shampagne to their apartment near the Cuatro Caminos stop. It is so cute and spacious, but I am still very happy with my choice of living with my host family. Side note, my roommate showed up today but she is out right now so I haven’t met her yet. All I know is that she doesn’t have that much stuff (I may have peeked).  Also, I talked to my host family about smoking! (Look at me go!) She was so sweet! I love her!

More later! xoxo


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