Just Call Me a Madrilena

Today I learned how to find my way around. I can now successfully get to and from the metro from home, navigate the metro no matter where I am, get to and from school on the metro and sort of find my way around Madrid! I also found a new restaurant that is decently cheap and has good sandwiches. AND I made new friends.

I also think I found my ACTUAL mind twin. She’s my new closest friend here and loves Lord of The Rings, hiking, old ancient castles, going on adventures, chatting about random stuff. She is so non-judgmental and just plain great. This is a terrible description. But it’s almost 10 PM and I have been out of this house and on my feet since 8 this morning. I also have a lot of confidence in my people-reading abilities. And I have such a great feeling about our new-found friendship!

We also went on a 4 hour tour of Madrid! It was insane and beautiful and there are so many places I want to head back to. But I am too lazy to post pictures right now. I may or may not gain energy later.

Anyways, tomorrow we head to Sevilla for 4 days where we are going to be spoiled with a fancy hotel and awesome dinners. So I am really excited and am about to pack.

[My roommate is talking on the phone and is seriously pissing me off more than you can imagine. She is a sweetheart… yadi yadi yadaaaaa. BUT SHUT UP.]

Until Later,



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