My Roomie

Really quick post before bed… I met my roommate today. Her name is Rachel and she is 18 years old. She is a freshman and is from Connecticut and goes to Suffolk University in Boston. She is pretty crazy. She goes out a lot and is way more experienced than I am in every realm of the word. Nonetheless, she is as naive as they get. She is good hearted though. Low key though, she will probably start to annoy me soon… She is pretty obnoxious. But I really can’t plant this seed in my head because it will quickly manifest into a tree of perpetual irritation. Fight it Aisha, fight it! I also have to remember that she is a freshman and our maturity levels and morals are just at different extremes. Whereas she can casually hook up with someone, I value things like sexual integrity. Quick judgements? Probably. I am always quick to judge and analyze people. But I am always willing to change my opinions. So, they balance out. At least I think so. And that’s all that matters.

It is 1:35 AM and I don’t expect her home until 7 AM!! I am heading to bed though because I am SO tired. I went out with Rachel today and her friends that she introduced me to. It was fun but I was just going for the experience rather than to actually have a good time.

[Also, my host mom wants to kill me because of my eating habits. I’m sorry I don’t drink milk that often. Sorry that when I drank it, I was uncomfortable for the entire day… Not sorry. She actually doesn’t wanna kill me. I’m just paranoid.]

Anyways! Buenos Noches


One thought on “My Roomie

  1. How r u Aisha? I am sooooo jealous I’m not in Spain right now. Get some sleep and find some vegetarian place where u can eat.:)

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