Sevilla Updates

For Suffolk’s Welcome Orientation trip, we came to Sevilla in Southern Spain on a high speed train that only took 2.5 hours- when it would have otherwise taken 7 hours. We had to meet at the Atoche Train Station in the morning. My roommate (thats already been here for a semester) was a little nervous about it because there are frequent worker strikes. We left at about 8:20 to get to Atoche (about 10 stops collectively and one interchange away) by 9:45. We got there with impecable timing. There was no crowding and I am just a metro pro.

[Side note, I am using the word impecable all the time here now for some reason.] 

After getting to Atoche, we boarded the train at 11 and the ride to Sevilla was beautiful. All the public transportation in Spain is impressively clean and practical. It was also really cool to see the Spanish countryside on the way to Sevilla. There were some beautiful castles and gorgeous greenery, as well as lots of pretty little houses and crops. There were particularly a lot of orange fields. I just put my iPod in and enjoyed the ride. It was so nice to reflect, daydream and relax. Especially since I hadn’t slept well the night before. I only got four hours of sleep and gave up around 5 AM.

The most challenging part about studying abroad so far is finding people I connect with. I am never sure if people are being sincere with me and I’m scared of deception and vulnerability. I also can’t fully fathom that I will be here for four months. That’s a long time. And this is only the beginning. I have made many friends. It’s also surprisingly easy to converse with people. I sometimes say that I’m terrible at making friends, but I’m actually pretty good at it. It’s so easy to make someone feel comfortable by asking them questions, and it’s almost impossible to not find commonalities. People also appreciate when another person is sincerely interesting in learning about them because it’s make them feel adequate and worthy. Suffolk is an extremely small university (about 140 students), therefore there is a lot of drama. Although I have a dramatic and expressive personality, I do not engage in drama. It is easier to act cordially to someone you dislike as opposed to putting effort into acting negatively.  So I’m confident that I won’t have a problem with that. Overall, it’s not that I haven’t been making friends. I have. It’s just that I don’t know if I can trust them yet. My roommate for this Sevilla trip is a sweet heart. I love roommates. I honestly think they are so easy.

Anyways, I did have a brief home-sick/ real-sick thing going on. But I don’t have time to fully explain that now because I am about to go out with my friends to explore Sevilla. We’ve gone on so many long and lengthy tours, it will be nice to just walk around on our own.

Side note, I am so happy my friend Josh is here with me. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before… But he’s honestly just like my brothers and it’s great to have someone who cares about me here looking out for my wellbeing.

Until later,



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