New Apartment and Roomies

So I am moved in. I love the apartment. There are four bedrooms, a living room/ dining area, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, an entre and one very long hallway! I am very excited. I have never had so much space.

I am living with four other girls. I know this sounds like a lot, but three of them have their own bedroom and I am in a very large double with a very sweet girl named Judy. The other three girls are named Corienda (Cori for short), Liah and Chandler. I was super skeptical the first day because all of these girls have initial stand-off-ish personalities… But I love them. Liah is the sweetest and is super helpful with everything. I actually am not feeling well right now, so she just brought me some Advil. She’s so sweet. Cori taught me where to go grocery shopping and Judy and I were already friendly before I moved in. I feel like I have yet to crack Chandler, but I know it’ll happen soon.

I just have to buy groceries now so I can cook and I will post pictures soon!

I’m feeling really happy and good about everything!


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