Wikipedia’s Take on Body Image

I’ve spent the last hour on Wikipedia reading about body image and physical attractiveness. It hasn’t been fun, as you can probably imagine.

Wikipedia is a crazy world. It allows a whole range of people from a variety of different backgrounds to collaborate together and create a page of information about almost anything. All the information requires a citation and must be fairly objective. So no matter what your teachers or professors may have told you about it in the past, Wikipedia is pretty legit.

My English professor has given our class the challenging task of editing a Wikipedia page and become a productive contributor. I immediately found the assignment intimidating. And now it’s just plain daunting.

The Body Image page on Wikipedia is so thorough. I didn’t think there was anything I could add to it. There are just so many details already there. So I tried to see if I could create a page for an organization that I follow called “I Am That Girl” that promotes a positive body image for women. The organization emphasizes self-confidence through celebrating features outside of our exterior physicality.

Yet, Wikipedia has very specific requirements for pages devoted to organizations. Wikipedia has you answer a number of questions to aid you in weeding out unsuitable article proposals. Among these requirements is a description of what is considered “notable.”

Organizations on WikiI searched a lot to see if “I Am That Girl” could meet these requirements. But I was ultimately unsure. So I went back to the initial page on Body Image.

Then, I had a revelation.

There are many sections under the Heading of Body image, including Media impact on Body Image, but there is nothing under that section about Body Image campaigns that counter this impact. Hence, my task!

I am aiming to edit the Body Image article and link to other pages on Wikipedia about Body Image campaigns, as well as research a variety of different body image campaigns to include.

I’m actually kind of excited now. I feel like this could actually be approved and I may actually find success. So even if our society’s intent focus on physicality frustrates me. The fact that I went through and read through the number of Wikipedia articles on superficial subjects like Facial symmetry, Sexual Attractiveness and Female Body Shape, says something about me as a person. 

I buy into the superficiality of our society by associating my value as person with aesthetics. I’m superficial for focusing on my Body Image. I hope to take a different route and instead begin to focus on Self-Love campaigns.

Step one: Wikipedia.


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